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More than just a name... it's a promise!

Here’s what others are saying:

“Incredible. This was the best massage I’ve had in a long time. I feel wonderful, relaxed and nurtured, most of all I feel no pain. Thank you so much!”
                        - Colleen G.

“Dan & Roxie’s Four-hand massage was the most incredible massage I have ever experienced. I don’t know if I can ever have a massage from just one therapist again!”
                        - Terry S.

“Wonderful! My legs and back especially feel great. As a ballet dancer, they get a lot of work and your massage was just what I needed!  
                        - Jessica B.

“We receive massages from Roxie & Dan regularly. It is so convenient having them come to our home and the massages are out of this world!”
                        - Don & Barbara N.

“You always know just how far to take the pressure to achieve maximum release. The fact that I trust you allows me to totally let go and truly relax.”
                       - Arthur V.

“I was in so much pain I could barely move. After you were done I felt like I was a new person. Fabulous!”
                        - Rebecca R.

“I haven’t been able to raise my arm over my head in years. Thank you!”
                        - Ken M.

"We wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you both did at our 'spa day.'  Your level of professionalism and ability to tread so lightly was exceptional. Everyone was instantly comfortable with you and commented on how great you were. Thanks for making our "spa day" a great time and we will be sure to call you in the future."
                        - Chris & Ann Marie S.

"Beyond my expectations! I received therapeutic massage on my lower back after two fusion surgeries failed to eliminate my pain. Dan’s attention to detail and explanations are helping me to reduce my pain. I am continuing to receive these massages as I feel positive movement on my path to recovery."
                        - Paul T.

"I am 7 months pregnant and have been experiencing some sciatic nerve related pains shooting down my left side. It was extremely painful until I saw Dan for my massage. The next day the nerve pain was completely gone and I haven't had the shocking pain since. What a relief!  Dan-YOU ARE WONDERFUL!"
                        - Michelle G.

“Here’s my real-life, unbiased and unpaid review:

As a special treat for our anniversary, my husband arranged for us to have a couples' massage in our home. We had looked at the rates for tandem massage at some of the nicer Scottsdale resorts, but couldn’t see paying over $300. A friend referred us to A Healing Touch Massage, an in-home massage therapy team based in Phoenix.

Roxie and Dan, the owners and our therapists, arrived to our home on time for our evening appointment. In minutes, they set up their very comfortable massage tables side-by-side in our living room along with everything you’d expect: soft music, sheets, blankets, pillows and aromatherapy oils… all we had to do was light some candles. Meanwhile, we filled out a questionnaire about our health & massage preferences. Dan & Roxie left the room while we each got settled in on our own table. Roxie & Dan both gave us such relaxing and skilled massages, coupled with the automatic comfort of being in our own home, that we both fell asleep about halfway through the 90-minute session. Afterward, we didn’t have to discontinue our relaxed state with a drive home.

Roxie & Dan packed up as quickly as they had arrived and we were left to bask in the candlelight and our sleepy good feelings. For the very reasonable rate of under $200 for both massages, I’d say that A Healing Touch Massage is the perfect choice for in-home massage… professional, polite, customized and an overall outstanding massage without the drive."

                        - Christina H.

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