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More than just a name... it's a promise!

How it All Began

A Healing Touch Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Roxie Reimer and Dan O'Clair as the business base from which to operate our newly begun massage careers. In 2006 we expanded to operate both an in-home massage service, A Healing Touch Massage and A Healing Touch Massage for the Workplace, taking on-site chair massage to businesses, social gatherings, trade shows and special events throughout the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. After extensive training in Medical Massage Therapy we opened A Healing Touch Clinical Bodywork in 2009 specializing in medical massage and bodywork therapy for pain relief,

injury rehabilitation and increased mobility. Our clientele consists of all ages from children to seniors; and all walks of life from professional athletes to week-end warriors; the handicapped; busy executives; entertainers; guests at resorts, hotels and motels; stay-at-home moms and mothers-to-be. 

Meet Your Therapists


Dan O'Clair is an Arizona Licensed Massage Therapist who graduated with honors from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in May of 2003. Concerning his vision for bodywork Dan says, "I am a healer. Some part of me has always known this. I want to make a difference in this world by helping people heal themselves-body, soul and spirit. It has taken me a significant portion of my life to wake up to this call and catch the vision. I want to spend the rest of my life nurturing and fulfilling it." Dan is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and has served as an adjunct faculty member at Arizona School of Massage Therapy, Tempe and Phoenix Campuses.

Roxie Reimer O'Clair is an Arizona Licensed Massage Therapist who graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in August of 2003. No stranger to the world of healing arts, Roxie served as an EMT in Canada. She owns and has shown dogs (Dalmatians) and horses (Quarter and American Paints) and several of her students have won at the world and national level. Roxie does everything with all her being and massage is no exception, her favorite saying is, "Massage does a body GOOD!" Roxie is a second degree Reiki practitioner and has served as a teaching assistant and substitute instructor at Arizona School of Massage Therapy, Tempe Campus.


Roxie and Dan met while attending Arizona School of Massage Therapy. A whirlwind courtship brought them together in the spring of 2003 and passion for sharing massage and bodywork with the world drives their massage practice. They are both Certified members of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals ( Since graduation Dan and Roxie have continued their education primarily in Medical massage.

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As a profession, we have only recently begun to clarify the differences in massage types by purpose or outcome result. Here are brief descriptions of the differences between medical/clinical massage (sometimes called orthopedic massage), wellness massage and relaxation massage.


Relaxation massage is a full-body massage performed by massage therapists working in a studio, spa or resort-type setting and is described as a general, feel-good massage, usually a Swedish massage or some derivative. This is a great way to relax and relieve stress. These massage therapists while well trained in relaxation-based massage, generally lack both the knowledge and experience to treat specific musculoskeletal disorders.


Wellness massage may be thought of as a kind of bridge between relaxation and medical. Like relaxation it is full-body in scope, but like medical it often includes muscle specific therapy. We like to think of wellness massage as maintenance massage, it is massage received on a regular basis (usually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) to maintain optimal health.


Medical/Clinical massage, as we see it, is therapeutic bodywork delivered for the express purpose of relieving pain, assisting in injury rehabilitation, and/or increasing one's mobility. It is not full-body, but rather specific to only a portion of the body (back, neck, arm, leg, etc.). Although it is often delivered in a medical setting such as a doctor's office or clinic, it may just as validly be delivered in a massage studio or the client's/patient's home. While not a requirement for this service, it is sometimes ordered by a doctor or other health care provider who has diagnosed the patient and deemed it "medically necessary." In these cases a physician or other health care provider provides a treatment plan via prescription or letter of referral. Medical massage requires advanced training (beyond basic licensing requirements) in clinical and orthopedic massage techniques and assessment and an understanding of pathologies and contraindications to treatment. A medical massage therapist uses palpation, active and passive range of motion testing, orthopedic special testing, and visual observation to develop a treatment protocol. The therapist also assesses client/patient progress, provides documentation, and communicates with the primary care physician (or referring healthcare provider) and possibly the insurance provider. At A Healing Touch Massage we are able to offer massage from any of these general categories. However, we specialize in wellness massage and medical massage.

We thank you for stopping by and look forward to hearing from you soon. If you have questions that are not answered here on our site, or you're ready to schedule a massage, please give us a call!

                          Dan & Roxie

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